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 Conference Sponsors

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We greatly appreciate the support of the following sponsors in making the PHM Asia Pacific 2021 a success.

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A graduate program that aims to nurture global talents by developing field-oriented creative research capabilities fused with smart manufacturing theory, and cultivating international solution leadership in cooperation with world-class research institutes.

Since March 2019, Sungkyunkwan University has participated in the “Smart Factory Operation Design Professional Training Project” supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy with the goal of nurturing practical smart factory operation design specialists through manufacturing, ICT, and entrepreneur/technology startup convergence education.

Among the tracks of this project group, the “Operational Design” course consists of a curriculum specialized in production/quality, big data, and optimization, and the “SW Solution” course consists of a curriculum specialized in artificial intelligence, digital twin, and entrepreneur/technology startup. The main industries are “steel”, “electronic/automobile/mechanical parts”, and “automation/equipment”.

BK21 FOUR project team conducts research on the theory of industrial data analytics suitable for smart factories, development of necessary technologies and nurturing professional manpower through the industrial application, cyber-physical system (CPS) theory research for design, operation, and supply chain analysis and optimization of smart factories, Nurturing professional manpower through the development of necessary technology and application of the actual manufacturing system, research on the theory of design/operation/optimization of products, processes, facilities, factories, and supply chains for efficient smart manufacturing, nurturing professional manpower through technology R&D and application, and industrial Interoperable decision-making service platform for the Internet of Things (IIoT) application and manufacturing engineering decision-making We are nurturing professional manpower through theoretical research, technology development, and application. In particular, through close industry-academia cooperation with major manufacturing companies in Korea, we are not only conducting simple theoretical research but also conducting practical technology development and nurturing of related experts.