Conference Topics

Conference Topics
1. PHM Theory and Methods

1-1) Big Data Analytics and Uncertainty Analysis
1-2) Diagnostics and Prognostics Methods
1-3) Model Based, Data-driven and Hybrid PHM
1-4) Machine learning methods for PHM
1-5) Deep learning methods for PHM
1-6) Condition-based & Predictive Maintenance
1-7) PHM Cost Benefit Analysis
1-8) Physics-of-Failures for PHM

2. PHM Design

2-1) Design for IoT Devices
2-2) Design for Data Acquisition and Management
2-3) Design for PHM Verification & Validation
2-4) Design for PHM Methodology
2-5) Design for PHM Digital Twin

3. PHM Applications

3-1) PHM for Mobility
3-2) PHM for Manufacturing
3-3) PHM for Defense and Space
3-4) PHM for Energy and Utility
3-5) PHM for Software
3-6) PHM for Semiconductor and Electronics

4. PHM Standards, Education and Others

4-1) Codes and Standards
4-2) PHM Curriculum
4-3) Risk Assessment and Management
4-4) Accelerated Life and Degradation Analysis
4-5) Reliability Analysis and Design
4-6) Energy harvesting for PHM
4-7) Structural Health Monitoring

5. Organized Session

OS01) Mechanics based PHM I
OS02) Mechanics based PHM II
OS03) PHM for Power Transmission and Distribution Systems
OS04) Korea-Swiss Collaboration for PHM
OS05) Intelligences for Manufacturing Systems
OS06) Industrial AI for PHM I
OS07) Industrial AI for PHM II
OS08) Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance: Best Practices
OS09) PHM for Air Mobility Vehicles I
OS10) PHM for Air Mobility Vehicles II
OS11) Advanced PHM for 3D Printing Process and Equipment
OS12) Automotive PHM/Reliability I
OS13) Automotive PHM/Reliability II