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Request for Shipping Address! - Participants Completed Offline Registration But Not Attended due to COVID-19

2021-09-24 08:39
This is to request the shipping address of the participants who have not attended the conference due to the COVID-19 situation even after paying the offline registration fee.

For us to deliver the conference kit including your name tag, please fill out your registration and shipping address information through the following link by October 5 (Tue), 2021. https://forms.gle/tHwEWYuv9wfLVpui8

The registration information in the questionnaire must be the same as the information entered at the time of registration through the official website (www.phmap.org). Please note that if it does not match, the delivery of the items may not be completed or delayed.

Also, the expected date of shipment of the conference kit is as below.
Expected date of shipment 
- Answers by noon on September 27th (Mon): September 28th (Tue)
- Answers by noon on October 5th (Tue): October 6th (Wed)
Please disregard this request if you received the conference kit on-site.

Thank you.